Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Sugar Plum

It's Christmas break!!
The girls and I made a list of all the yummy things were going to bake
 over the break (homemade marshmallows!), 
we made a list of all the movies we want to watch, (The Mandalorian...again!!),
and all the Christmas projects we want to create and
today we dyed over 100 bottlebrush Christmas trees in pinks, reds, 
and purples to make a fun Sugar Plum wreath.
It turned out cute and now the girls want to make their own wreaths
for over their beds. 
 The color combinations are endless.
I'm just not sure we can get all the supplies here before Christmas.
It might have to be next year's project.

I am soaking up these fun activities and projects with my girls while I
have them together under one roof.
It's hard to believe that Claire won't be with us next year.

This morning I woke up early to get my week's shopping done.
 The traffic was horrendous and the lines long.
AND, Trader Joes is completely out of anything that has to do with Christmas.
BUT, our fridge is stocked and we're ready to hygge it out
and enjoy the days leading up to Christmas without having to leave!
(Fingers crossed!).
Tonight at dinner we lingered at the table for a long time with
candles flickering all around and we
 talked about our favorite words with hygge in them
 like "hyggelit" and "hyggebusker".
These words are used in our home on a daily basis.
Then we talked about how amazing it would be to 
move to Norway or Denmark for a year.
Wouldn't that be something!?

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