Wednesday, December 16, 2020

TWENTY YEARS//Happy Anniversary//Happy Birthday Family!!.

Today is a big day for our family.  
Our family turns TWENTY years old today!!!
Chrisitan and I were married 20 years ago today on a 
cold, snowy morning in Utah.
Today is our wedding anniversary!
Our plans to spend this momentous 20th-anniversary occasion had to
 changed due to some unforeseeable
events that occurred this year, but it doesn't matter how we celebrate because
what matters most is that we are together and we are healthy and happy.
I love you, Christian Mark Nielson.
We have been through a lot together. 
Packed away in our things (still in New Mexico) are thousands
of actual pictures, not digital ones of us, that I wish I had
today to post.  But here are a bunch 
of good ones that represent our life together.
Thank you for being mine.

Team Nielson!

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