Tuesday, December 15, 2020

7th TIME

Today we finished The Book of Mormon 
cover to cover for the 7th time as a family.
We decided to finish the last chapter on our phones on the way to
 Chick-fil-a for peppermint shakes to celebrate.
In the darkness of our car, we read the prophet Moroni's
pleas to all who reads the book to "believe in Christ".
After reading the book again, our family believes now more than ever!
We took our shakes to the Raleigh Temple parking lot 
and took a photo of us under the glow of its heavenly light.
I am so thankful for the blessings that God gives to His children
 who obey His commandments. 
 I personally have been blessed immensely both in body and spirit.

This year has thrown some very unexpected challenges our way, 
 and some of them we're still in the middle of-
but reading The Book of Mormon has given us a sense of peace
and assurance that we'll make it, and we'll "prosper in the land"!!!!!
(2018, 2013)

We will finish off the year reading Luke in the Bible and
start The Book of Mormon over again for the 8th time
as a family on January 1st!

And here's to many more years of reading
The Book of Mormon as a family!!

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