Thursday, December 03, 2020



Today I took Jane to a well-check visit.
Our Pediatrician asked Jane several questions about her physical 
and mental health and my heart swelled with gratitude as
she answered and talked with the doctor.
I am so proud of Jane and her resilience and her health!
She is practically perfect in every way and as her mother,
I couldn't ask for more!
 Then I felt incredibly lucky to have five very healthy children and 
live in America with wonderful doctors
who educate, mend, and heal, and offer
 immunizations that control diseases and potentially deadly situations.
But most of all I felt incredibly lucky that Jane (and all my The Nies) 
have followed Prophets of God throughout the years who 
 solutions to problems and safeguards for their physical and emotional health
directly from a loving and caring Heavenly Father.
I am grateful for commandments that have protected our family 
from so much of the world's hurt and pain.
 Jane has been balanced in her life and her choices and because
 of that, she is blessed with a beautiful body inside and out.  

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