Friday, December 04, 2020


Today we got our first Christmas card in the mail!!
It was from my dear friend and Barre instructor, Hope
who was posing with her beautiful family (twin little girls!).
I love receiving Christmas cards!  
They make me so happy to see familiar faces and families together.
It motivated me to sit down with Christian and get our cards 
designed and off to the printer.
I think in this pandemic year getting handwritten letters, cards,
 and mail is extra exciting and special, 
especially since we can't physically be together with
a lot of our family and friends.
I've been sending out Christmas cards since 2003.
they first started out with a photo and a one-page letter.
Each year the letter got smaller and smaller until now. There are just
a few photos on a card and a small handwritten message.
One of my favorite past-times is putting our cards together- sometimes
with my girls.
Spiritual Enlightenment:
"We each face moments in our lives when the great joy that the
 angel promised can seem elusive and distant. 
All of us are subject to the frailties and hardships of life—illness, failure, 
problems, disappointment, and, in the end, death. 
While many people are blessed to live in physical safety, others today do not. 
Many face great difficulty meeting the demands of life
 and the physical and emotional toll it can bring.
And yet, despite life's hardships, the message of the Lord to 
each of us is the same today as it was to the shepherds keeping 
watch two thousand years ago: "Fear not." -Elder L. Whitney Clayton

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