Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Home Church Week #34/Steady.

In Home Church and in our family scripture study, 
we've been talking about the world with
all of its disruptions, heartache, confusion, and mixed messages
and how they can overtake our hearts and minds.
The election was (and still is) enough to make anyone crazy.
I showed the Nies this clip of President Nelson
 steadying the arm and body of 90-year-old Elder Wirthlin
 at a conference message in 2007. (Start at 8:05)
There wasn't a dry eye in our living room as we watched our
 Prophet comfort and sustain.
He held tightly onto Elder Wirthlin so he could finish his conference message.
 Because of my emotions, I could hardly get the words out to
 my children as I told them that while we may not physically feel 
President Nelson's hand on our arm, we can feel him steadying our hearts.

We had a wonderful discussion about what it means to have a living prophet
on the earth today, and how lucky we are that God is still speaking.
We believe that in the commotion of the world, he is reminding us to
 "...be still and know that I am God." (here).

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