Friday, November 13, 2020

Daylight Savings = Hyggetime.

When daylight saving smacks us and darkness comes to 
 our world around 4:30 pm (which, if I'm being honest, I actually LOVE),
then I pull out our hygge candles and place them
 in every window of The White House.
The dark world outside makes way for light and warmth inside.
I feel a certain energy this time of year that I 
just can't express except to say that I love it so much.
The past few days here have been wet and dark, so
during home school, I've placed several candles at our work table,
 and we've been enjoying Christmas music, 
and I'm not even ashamed to say it.
This Tuesday (11/17), my Barre3 studio in Chapel Hill
 will be hosting a Book Talk where I'll share my book, Heaven is Here.
These women have become my sisters.  I love them.

Happy Weekend!
* * * * *
*I showed this pic to Jane today when she was having
a frustrating zoomathon day (she was on her 5th online class),
and told her that we were weeks away from this:

"Through the power of the Holy Ghost, Christ will enable
 us to see ourselves and see others as He does."

Instagram Accounts Launched for
 Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary General Presidencies!!!!!!

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