Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Perfectly Perfect

 Last week Jane and I went to the mall (FYI: I hate the mall) 
to visit Claire at her NEW job working at Banana Republic.  
Once we got to the super crowded mall we walked to the BR storefront and 
watched Claire through the glass interacting with customers, folding shirts,
fixing unruly piles of clothes on sale tables, 
and sanitizing fitting rooms. She's so cute!
I enthusiastically commented on the exciting headset she gets to wear,
and how weird it is to see the mannequins wearing facemasks.
 Jane and I perused the store while Claire finished up her shift.
Then the three of us went to B&BW where we bought a delicious
donut pumpkin spice candle and then headed to dinner.

 We talked about money, jobs, and of course boys and husbands. 
I gushed over their father and our relationship and the love we share.
We're experiencing some major stress as we start up a new business,
 manage family life, church service, and of course the universal
stress of the pandemic and everything that goes with that.
I am so thankful Christian and I are connected in every way and
I hope my girls find husbands who are sensitive, respectful,
honest, open, strong; both spiritually and physically, 
 and perfectly perfect for them just as Christian is for me.

Then we pulled up to The White House and commented on
how exciting it will be when we get to put out
colorful gourds and pumpkins on the front porch!

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