Monday, September 07, 2020

Home Church Week 26/Stretching.

 This morning we woke up to a lovely refreshing 53 degrees!
I am so excited for fall, and I can hardly wait.  
I made the mistake of looking at the forecast for the upcoming week and 
was disappointed to see more 90-degree days.  
That didn't stop me from burning a few fall candles
 around the house over the weekend. 
 Home Church was one of our best. 
 Each Nie shared a personal testimony of how
 the Savior has blessed them individually.  
I shared the feelings I've enjoyed
reading a lot about the word "stretching" in my personal scripture study.

We read that the Lord often stretches forth
 His hand to save and bless others. 
I like the story in Matthew of the woman with an issue of blood.
She wanted to be healed of the disease that 
she had been struggling with for 12 years.
She had faith and knew she would be healed if she stretched out
her hand and touched the Savior's garment.
 The Lord acknowledged that she had touched him- but not because
He felt her touch his garment because He knew of her great faith.
Sometimes the Lord allows us to stretch in ways we think
impossible, scary, or uncomfortable, 
but stretching can bring us the greatest rewards.
This also made me think about my skin.
One of the most important things a burn survivor can do is stretch the skin.
When the skin burns, it begins shrinking 
and will become tight and harder to move, 
and permanent damage happens. (Like my fingers).
The problem is burn stretching hurts really, really, really bad, and there were
days I wanted to give up and quit.  
(And I wanted to punch my Occupational & Physical therapists in the face!)
But had I given up demanding that the stretching was too much, 
too painful, or too hard, then I wouldn't be
the kind of mother, wife, woman, sister, minister, daughter, and friend
that I wanted to be.   I know the Lord allows His children to stretch
and grow so we can become the person he intends us to be.
President Nelson has said:
 "When you spiritually stretch beyond anything you have ever done before, 
then His power will flow into you."
Stretching is good.

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