Tuesday, September 15, 2020


This photo of me from 2005 popped up on my feed this morning.
I think I look like Claire.
Sometimes it's weird seeing old photos of me because 
I look so different now- and not just because of the obvious reason, 
but because I'm older.
This is the last year in my thirties, you know.
Today while teaching about mammals to Gigs and Lottie
I found myself having to trombone my papers because 
my eyes felt heavy and dizzy, and then I thought about
my 7th-grade teacher, Mrs. Alder, doing the same thing.
Except she had gray hair and bifocals hanging from a
 silver chain around her neck, and I'm not there yet.
About a month ago I was asked to serve as the Relief Society president
in our congregation.  I feel overwhelmed, but honored to serve alongside
other women, but I don't feel old enough to serve in that role.
But I am.  And in reality, I am grateful I am getting older because
all the while I am having amazing experiences that mold and define me
into...me!  And I like me, and what I have learned and accomplished.
But most of all I really do enjoy watching
my Nies grow into amazing people!

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