Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A Chionophile

"Early Autumn Storm" by Romona Youngquist

 Today as I was making soup for dinner Mr. Nielson had the gall to tell
 me that he wasn't ready for fall, and even went as far to say that
he was sad to see summer go.
A pumpkin apple candle was flickering nearby the stove and I have
fall leaves stuffed in pretty jars around the house.
Lottie happened to be on the couch reading a few pre-Halloween books,
and I actually bought two real decorative pumpkins
 to display on the entryway table.
I feel like since COVID struck we've been in a perpetual 
summer since March when the Nies were taken out of school
and home every day, all day.
I am sooooo ready for a change, ready for autumn and all its glory.
It can't come soon enough.  
I love when the Nies come down the stairs in the morning and the
first thing they do (all of them at separate times), is ask our
Alexa what the temperature is currently, 
(if only to see if they should put on a sweater!),
 and what they chances are for rain.
I've raised a bunch of emo-weather children.  
We all delight in the cold brisk air, crappy weather, and cloudy skies.
Tonight around dinner, Oliver said, "did you guys hear?  
It's supposed to rain tomorrow!  It's supposed to be cloudy almost ALL DAY!" 
And then we all broke out in cheers and screams.

I also found this amazing tidbit of information: 
"A Chionophile (n) is a person who loves cold weather, snow."
That's ME!

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