Thursday, August 06, 2020

We can do it again.

Today I finalized our homeschooling plans and prepared for the
upcoming lessons.  We will begin school on August 17th.
I am using The Good and the Beautiful curriculum for Lottie and Gigs.
At the dining room table the three of us planned and mapped out the year,
and I watched them smile with excitement!  Yes, you heard me, I said excitement!
I was giddy thinking about learning together under my roof and supervision.
 I have to admit though, I will miss the quiet mornings I enjoyed being alone
in my house when all the Nies were in school.  
A lot of the time I would prepare for their return in the afternoon.
This will be an adjustment for sure, but we've done this homeschool
 business before, and we can do it again, successfully.  
And in the situation of our world, I am so grateful for this option!

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