Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Under a Crape Myrtle Tree

This afternoon right before lunch Christian and I spontaneously
 decided to go on a day-date to visit the Raleigh temple.
Since the temple is closed due to C-virus, we haven't physically been 
inside to serve and worship, and it's been a deep hole in our lives.  
Monthly (sometimes more), Christian and I go to the temple
  to feel close to the Lord especially when making hard decisions,
or ask questions we so badly want the answers to.
It's good for me personally, good for our marriage, and our family too.
The temple is where I feel closest to God, and where stress and worry 
seem to slip away, and I find peace and clarity.
So monthly Christian and I go to the temple grounds to sit on the grass under a
 beautiful crape myrtle tree to pray and feel close to the Lord.  
We still ask questions to the Lord through prayer,
sometimes we study from the scriptures together, 
 and we always reflect on our faith and hope for good times ahead.
It's not the same as going inside, but it's close to His holy house,
and we'll take it!  

We came home and talked to Claire on our bed about her life.
We also looked up places on the map where we'd love to travel to,
we talked about her school plans, working, and to serving a mission.
She has a lot of options.
Christian and I talked extensively about Claire while at the temple.
She is such an incredible girl.  She is obedient and steadfast. 
She's dedicated and loves God.  It's inspiring.    
I know these quiet lazy afternoons with my first-born
 are fading as she matures and grows. 
 Her life will take-off someday and I
won't be able to go with her.  I am excited for her, but always get
a big ache in my heart when I think about it.

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