Wednesday, August 26, 2020


 The one good thing about home and virtual school is that we can go out 

of town and still attend school on the road.  

Truth is, I'm not really keen on virtual school.

It's been confusing, hard, and overwhelming.  

I'm getting information overload every day in my inbox.  

Today I got 20 e-mails from different teachers in different schools,

and different classes, with different passwords, and different options.

I'm pulling my hair out!

But I'm really proud of my Nies for getting

up early while on vacation to attend their zoom classes

 and focus on school while the waves roll up on the shore nearby.  This morning we went to a delicious donut shop for breakfast

then explored the OKI (Oak Island)And then we drove Umi into historic Willmington for lunch

 and to check out the old homes,

 war sites, cemeteries, and of course we visited Micahel Jordan's high school. In the car, Umi asked me if I thought Topher was happy in heaven

 and then we had a good conversation about what we thought he was doing.  

 I'm so thankful for the knowledge that I know where Topher is.  

No speculation. I know.   

And I know he has no pain, and most of all I know that one day

 I will see him again glorified and strong.

Not a day goes by that I don't thank my Father in heaven for His son,

the Savior Jesus Christ because He IS THE PLAN.

“There will be times when the path ahead seems dark, 

but keep following the Savior. He knows the way; in fact, He is the way.”

 —Brother Stephen W. Owen, 

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