Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kappa Kappa Gamma

We've made it a tradition to take our guests to our favorite 

ice cream spot on their last night in town and tonight

after a spaghetti dinner, we all jumped in the car and drove out to

 Maple View Farms where we waited in a gigantic line 

for fresh peach and blueberry ice cream.

When the sun went down and a few faint fireflies came out, we listened

to Neil Young sing harvest moon then packed up and headed home.

Earlier we drove around UNC campus and found her college sorority (fraternity)

Kappa Kappa Gamma when she attended the University of Utah in 1964.

On the first day mom arrived, Lottie made her a bead necklace and she wore

it every single day she was here.

I've loved driving mom around my town and neighborhood, going for walks, 

and lounging on my living room couch.

But mostly what I'll miss is hearing her upstairs with the Nies

 laughing hysterically.

At lunch, we sat on our front porch swing eating tuna fish sandwiches that Gigs

provided since it was his lunch day, and we

  talked about the color of paint she was planning on painting 

her living room when she returned home.  We talked about the upcoming holidays,

plants, flowers, and church service.

I'll miss you mom, please come back soon... and bring dad too!

And your necklace.(I need a haircut realllll bad)

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