Monday, August 03, 2020

Home Church Week 21/New Layout

Our home church this week focused mostly on chastity 
and sexual purity and it wasn't even awkward at all!
We watched a few great videos the Church produced (age-appropriate for Lottie!),
and read what modern-day prophets are saying about sexual purity.
I love what President Ballard said on this subject:
“As our children grow, they need information taught by 
parents more directly and plainly about what is and is not appropriate. 
Parents need to … talk to [their children] plainly about sex
 and the teaching of the gospel regarding chastity.
 Let this information come from parents in the home in an appropriate way.”
 It was very positive and open and I got choked up
a few times because this is such a beautiful and powerful topic,
and I want my children to have the same respect and 
positive feelings about it too.
Over the weekend, Claire worked hard recreating my
 blog header and gave me a whole new look.  
And thanks to Mr. Nielson who helped with the computer 
side of it.  (I mostly just watched while eating chips and hummus).
For the most part, everything was handpainted and created by her, and
 good news, Claire has agreed to update it monthly!  
It's almost ready to debut! 

A hurricane has threatened Florida and the Carolinas.
On Saturday evening we gassed up the cars, bought more water,
and stocked up a few other essentials.
I've prayed so much and so hard these past few months
I often wonder if God is sick of me yet.
But I keep on feeling His love, so I keep praying.
 It's amazing.
Hello August, see ya later July!
Another calendar filled and ripped off our kitchen wall.

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