Friday, July 31, 2020


This is the last day of July, where on earth did the month go?!
As we enter this hot month of August,
 I have to wonder what it will look like.
Chrisitan and I have a lot of decisions to make, especially with school
 (homeschool, online, other options) work, and other plans.
It's overwhelming and I have to admit, I have been
discouraged and worried about what the future will look like.
Today Christian and I lay on our bed and finalized the
 new upcoming 2020-2021 Back to School Feast theme.
 Immediately I felt peace and hope for the upcoming year and while
all the unknowns still feel unknown, at least I have peace and hope.
 Christian and I felt so inspired and guided by the Holy Ghost
as we chose our family's new theme.  It's exciting!

On Monday I am going to unveil my new nieniedialogues blog banner, and
I've asked my ultra-talented daughter, Claire, to design it.
She has monopolized our dining room table with her
 paints, markers, brushes, and paper for the past week designing
the new layout while listening to Taylor Swift's new album.
She has been researching and getting ideas from 
some of our favorite children's picture books.
It's going to be adorable!!

"Choosing to do what the Lord has defined as right will, 
in the long run, always lead to the best outcomes."

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