Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Evening on the Lake

 We spent the afternoon and evening enjoying the lake with our guests.

 It was a magical Carolina evening and swimming conditions couldn't have been better.

When we were done with kayaking around the murky waters and jumping off the dock,

 and when the snacks were gone, 

we lit up some sparklers and took one last dip in the warm (88 degrees!!!!) water.

We got home around 10:00 and I made beans (thank you pressure cooker!), 

for bean burritos- which hit the spot in a hurry.

After showers and dinner, I put Lottie to bed and the olders watched Turn.  

The kids managed to watch 

THREE SEASONS of Turn....that's a lot of staying up late,

eating a lot of treats and sleeping in.

Today made me wish summer would never fade. 

 Naaaaaa, I take that back.  I'm really excited for the fall!

Also, today was officially the first day of our virtual school.

 More on that later.

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