Wednesday, August 19, 2020

All Good Things Come to an End

On Chick and Lo's last day, we packed in as much stuff as possible.
Even though the kids stayed up super late watching more episodes of Turn,
they managed to get up early and experience a few of
 our favorite things to do in our town. 

So we went to the 100-year old-Bynum Bridge 
with all its colorful words and beauty.

And to the oldest cemetery in town.  
We found a headstone dating back to 1767!!

That was even before the United States was the United States; 
we're talking Revolutionary war!  
It's kind of amazing. Jane and I could spend hours there, we're very intrigued.
(But we're also the type of people who follow cemeteries on IG).

Then we said our sad goodbyes and sent the girls home to the mountains.

But not before all five of us, gals posed with our Andrew Beesley name necklaces.
Almost every girl on my Clark side has one. 
Lottie will get hers when she turns 12.

Tomorrow UMI is coming to visit!!!!!  
The White House has never seen more new faces.

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