Wednesday, July 08, 2020


For my 39th birthday last month, Mr. Nielson (and the boys)
 made me the BEST birthday present a wife could ask for: a porch swing!!
Come to think of it, Mr. Nielson has made me a swing for 
almost every house we've lived in together.
I think that's pretty cute.
(Except for the Harvey Circle house in New Jersey 
because it basically was a shoebox without a porch.)
He designed The White House swing so it would be big enough
and wide enough so the two of us could nap together on it.
Then he painted it black and I bought some fun pillows to make it comfy, 
and then we realized very quickly that we definitely needed another swing 
on the other side of the porch because everyone wanted to be on it.
And I mean everyone!
So he spent another few days in his free time under 
a shade in our driveway (without a shirt!)
 making a second swing, and today
he and Oliver hung it up.

Immediately after it was up we spent the whole evening on the porch
swinging and talking, swinging and eating, swinging and watching
the cars and people go by, and tonight we ended our day 
on the swings reading our scriptures.

I've told my boys over and over again how I hope they
are watching their dad as he creates, works, and builds stuff
so they can make swings for their wives and families someday too.
This is what it's all about.

I love you Christian!
Best birthday ever!
I am so excited for Halloween, there I said it.

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