Thursday, July 09, 2020

Mom School

Even though school is out for the summer,
we've started mom's summer school.

Lottie does 5-6 pages in her workbook and reads a chapter from her book.
Oliver is reading the journal and fascinating stories written by our
 famous amazing 3rd great (his 4th) grandfather, Daniel W. Jones. 
 Each day I'll ask him to share with me what Daniel was up to today.
Ollie will say something like "Oh today he shot himself while feeding his mule.
He's ok, but the bullet went through his butt."

And Nicholas and I are reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding.  
It's been fun to read along with him and discuss 
what's happening and his thoughts on the boys and their rules,
and laws, and how they pertain to life today.
It's been interesting.
The girls read and keep themselves busy all-day
 and I don't worry about them falling behind or anything.
Jane is doing FFA judging online and is busy with her church calling.
Today Claire filmed herself making cookies to share with 
the little girls she teaches in church.
And tonight, we had dinner with our missionaries on our front porch.
I love them.

Life is full and busy and sometimes boring,
but I thank God every day that we're safe, healthy, and happy.

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