Wednesday, June 24, 2020


I think decorating and nesting was a gift I was born with
and I do consider it a gift because I love to make my life
and home colorful and happy.
Since we are renting The White House, I am somewhat limited to what I can do
in terms of decorations.
And not everything inside the house is my style, (light fixtures, curtains,
paint colors, a big butterfly picture in the entryway...etc),
but I can work around that and we're
so happy here, and LOVE the North Carolina summers!

I decorate for 4th of July (and 24th of July which is Pioneer Day in Utah) with
lots of American flags, my darling Piggy & Dirt glass stars,
buntings and banners, and comfy porch seating.

I think my kids expect holiday decorations in the house because last week before
I got anything up and decorated, Oliver asked me when I was going to
put up the buntings over the upstairs balcony.
I was shocked that he even noticed them in the first place.

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