Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Finding fireflies

This is photoshopped because I'm not patient enough to capture the fireflies in real life.

Tonight as we were having a very late dinner at the table,
 we noticed outside the window twinkling lights under the trees.
This is one of the most magical occurrences
 that happen in North Carolina!
We immediately jumped up from the table and promptly went for a family
 walk to welcome our bright little bugs back from a long winter.
Spotting these glorious lights for us is like finding gold!  
We named a little area near our home "Firefly Island" 
because we always come across hundreds of them flickering in the field. 
It's like a firework show.
And the bonus tonight was the humidity level was not bad
which meant we could stay out longer enjoying our first taste of summer.
Welcome back friends!!!

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