Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Things to Remember

Five things I want to remember that happened last weekend:

1. February 2020 dies, March 2020 is born:

2. Oliver finishes his Drivers Ed course classes,
 and begins the actual driving portion:

3. We travel to Willmington, NC to speak at a missionary fireside.
The day before I cooked vegetables and grains and 
packed bowls for dinner on Sunday since we'd be on the road.
We sliced baguettes, brought cheese, and ate fruit out of styrofoam cups.
We did our best to plan ahead 
so we could keep our Sabbath day focused on Him instead of
stopping for food and gas.  With good planning, it's possible, and
it turned out to be a wonderful (and delicious) evening all around.

4. Lottie's parakeets will be the lucky parents of a new birdie!
Yesterday we found an egg in Coco's nesting box.
 (Hopefully, more eggs follow!).  
It looks exactly like a delectable Cadbury egg.

5. Lottie uses her saved money and buys a pink minnow fish
 at the pet store (which dies approximately 2 hours after purchase).

Happy new week!

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