Friday, February 28, 2020

Faith in Christ Fireside

This weekend Christian and I are joining 
President Matt and Paige Holland (who oversee the 200+
 missionaries in portions of North Carolina)
to share our story and our faith in Christ.
We will be in Jacksonville, NC on Sunday.
If you live close by, please bring a friend and come!

Throughout the year we will be participating in these
firesides with the local missionaries and I feel
honored and really excited to be apart of this experience!
I invite you to come and see, come and feel and come to know
the Savior Jesus Christ through music and spoken word.
(And come say hello...all the Nies will be there too...
except for Angus, obviously.)
"Each one of us, regardless of age or circumstance, 
can strive to seek, receive, and act...
You will draw nearer to Jesus Christ—His love, 
His light, His direction, His peace, and His healing and enabling power. 
And you will increase your spiritual capacity to 
become an everyday instrument of
 His hands in accomplishing His great work."
Spiritual Enlightenment: Spiritual Capacity

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