Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Tonight after dinner all the Nies
(except for Jane who was having a facetime violin lesson)
 squished on the couch to facetime with our fulltime missionaries.
They are essentially quarantined and can't go into homes to
 serve and teach or do any of the marvelous things that missionaries do.
So, we had a little chat via-facebook.
It was good to touch base and share uplifting messages and heartfelt feelings.  

(2018 at the ranch)
Christian and I have decided that every day during this 
quarantined business we are going to take a few moments away 
right before dinner-just the two of us. 
Whether it's a drive, a walk, 
or a motorcycle ride we need to catch up and decompress. 
I'm realizing this is essential.
Today since it was raining we went for a ride in the truck and
 talked about the upcoming and MUCH anticipated General Conference.  
We talked about the prophet Joseph Smith and his miraculous vision 
of God the Father and Jesus Christ. 
 We shared our testimonies and love for the Prophet Joseph,
 and his beautiful life-changing experience in the Sacred Grove.
We talked about how the world is in so much commotion
 and confusion and the similarities of today 
and young Joseph's experience when he went into a grove of trees to pray.  
"When Joseph knelt to offer up the desires of his heart, 
a dark power overcame him. It bound his tongue 
as thick darkness gathered around him."
In the scriptures, we read several occurrences of commotion 
and calamities that occur before something great and
marvelous happens.  It's hard not to speculate...
But I think if we are reading the scriptures, believing and following
our amazing Prophet, then these spooky days shouldn't be too surprising
 nor should they be scary, but rather prophetic.

I love the Primary Children's song: "When He Comes Again"
and the peace it brings to my heart and my family when so much
of the world is in turmoil:
* * * * *
I wonder, when he comes again,
Will herald angels sing?
Will earth be white with drifted snow,
Or will the world know spring?
I wonder if one star will shine
Far brighter than the rest;
Will daylight stay the whole night through?
Will songbirds leave their nests?
I’m sure he’ll call his little ones
Together ’round his knee,
Because he said in days gone by,
“Suffer them to come to me.”

I wonder, when he comes again,
Will I be ready there
To look upon his loving face
And join with him in prayer?
Each day I’ll try to do his will
And let my light so shine
That others seeing me may seek
For greater light divine.
Then, when that blessed day is here,
He’ll love me and he’ll say,
“You’ve served me well, my little child;
Come unto my arms to stay.”
-Mirla Greenwood Thayne

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