Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Our backyard has been busy with 
conclaves of beautiful
red cardinals fluttering around and pecking for food on the lawn.
Months ago Lottie and I sprinkled bird seeds in the grass
 so we could admire and examine these majestic birds from our window.
Then last Saturday as were all sitting around in the kitchen
 and out of nowhere something loud hit the back sliding door.
Sadly we discovered that one of the beautiful female Cardinals
 had hit the window and was lying dead near the door.
Gigs who is my tender animal lover was heartbroken and
 picked up the bird and brought her inside and spent
 the rest of the afternoon making her a little coffin.
(He also named her Beverley).  Then he placed her in
comfortable cardboard box and buried her out front
 under the Magnolia trees.

"Here lies Beverley
We will miss you flying outside our window.

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