Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Wax Hearts.

Fourteen years ago, I made crayon wax Valentine hearts with
 Claire, 4, and Jane, 3.
We were living in our little house on Harvey Circle in New Jersey.
(I remember the day so well!)
It snowed all afternoon, and the girls seemed restless inside, so we
 literally spent most of the morning unwrapping crayons and breaking them up
in little pieces, so I could iron them between wax paper.
Then later in the afternoon, while the girls took their naps 
and in between nursing Oliver,
 I cut out and taped the hearts to pink and red thread and
watched the snow pile up outside.
I had bribed the girls to lie down for their nap by telling them 
that when they woke up, we'd tape the hearts on the windows 
before daddy pulled up the driveway from work.
I remembered worrying that the snow would delay Christian
from coming those days, he could never get home to 
me fast enough!
This afternoon years later, Lottie and I 
unwrapped crayons and shaved pieces onto wax paper.
It wasn't snowing outside (not even close), but somehow it seemed
just as cozy inside as it did fourteen years ago.

*Hey, Mr. Nielson, I can't wait for you to come home
to see the wax hearts!

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