Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Scripture Discovery

Last Sunday Mr. Nielson and I sat down with Lottie 
and discussed the new Church program for children and youth
then we helped Lottie think of some goals she wants to accomplish
in the coming months and year.

She immediately came up with three really good suggestions:

1. During family scripture study she is going to 
draw on paper what we are reading about then
 she'll compile all her pictures into a book.
Then she told us she wanted to name this book her
 "Scripture Discovery".
I am not sure where that name came from, 
but I really really like it!
2. Learn 10 words in Chinese--mostly so she can talk to 
her best friend in Utah who is in the Chinese immersion program.
Lottie wrote down 10 words she wants to know:
How are you
What is that
Do you like
Are you
Hi, my name is_______
I have red hair

3.Ride her scooter better.

She came up with plans to execute each goal, and so far so good.
Goal #2 requires her to face-time with a friend of Jane's who lives in
Utah and who knows Chinese.
He has been in the immersion program since Kindergarten,
 and will successfully graduate from the
 program next year (thanks Philip!).

I really started thinking about my "spiritual discovery", and what 
that means to me.  What does that mean to you?
I've decided to do the new program with Lottie and my other children.
So it looks like I'm on the road to my own spiritual discovery!
“Built around a gospel core, this is our single Church effort
 for all our youth and children everywhere, and it  (the new youth program)
focuses on you discovering and becoming your best divine
 self through activities and service, learning and growth,”
-Elder Gerrit W. Gong 

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