Thursday, January 16, 2020


 Mr. Nielson took our teenagers Jane, Oliver,
and Gigs to serve in the temple (Claire was working).
Lottie and I met up with them after for dinner where we discussed
the experiences they had together, and other important
topics like Nicholas's amazing hairstyle.
Our 2020 family theme drives so much of our decisions
and goal-making: FOR HIM.
Everything we do is for our God. 
We know that true lasting happiness comes 
when we serve and follow Him, 
and I love that my children are developing
 personal deep relationships with Him.

I love these words by By Bishop Gérald Caussé.
This counsel has had
an enormous effect on my thinking especially as I 
set goals personally and as a mother:

"The fulfillment of God’s promises is always tied to obedience
 to the laws attached to them. The Lord said, 
“I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; 
but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise”.

On the other hand, these promises do not ensure that everything
 that happens in our life will be in accordance 
with our expectations and desires. 
Sometimes unexpected trials will present themselves
 that we must overcome; sometimes promised blessings
 will be long delayed. But the time will come when we will
 know that these trials and these delays can be turned for our 
good and our eternal progression. What more can we ask?

One of the greatest things we can desire in life is to align our 
will with the will of the Lord—to accept His will for our lives. 
He knows everything from the beginning, has a perspective 
we don’t have, and loves us with an infinite love.

You have dreams and goals? That’s good. 
Work with all your heart to accomplish them. 
Then let the Lord do the rest. He will lead you where you
 cannot lead yourself; He will make you into 
what you cannot make of yourself.

At all times, accept His will. Be ready to go where 
He asks you to go and to do what He asks you to do.
 Become the men and women He is nurturing you to become."

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