Thursday, December 05, 2019


This morning I woke Lottie up and she was g r u m p y!
She didn't want to get up, didn't want to get dressed, 
and most of all she didn't want to go to school.
It was a struggle to get her shoes on, it was a struggle to get her 
to brush her teeth, and just seconds before
 I opened the garage door she collapsed on the floor in tears.  
I looked at the clock- we were 5 minutes behind schedule.
I collected as much patience I could muster and picked her up,
and then she had a mysterious leg cramp and
couldn't stand or walk on her own.
And then I was losing it.
I finally got her in the car and as I zoomed down the street
she sat in the backseat whimpering about her "sore leg".
Then I started having visions of us in the bazillion
year long school carpool line holding up traffic because Lottie
wont hop out when it's our turn.
It's happened before--and it wasn't good,
and for me there is no worse feeling than sending
one of my children off to school for the day after yelling at
them right before saying goodbye.

But now I was out of kind loving words, and my
 compassion was nowhere to be found.
So I prayed in my mind.
I plead with God to help me find the words to help her,
and to help me find a solution.
Almost immediately an idea came, a plan for our dilemma.
It was like the next 30 minutes of the morning was planned out
precise and clear.
And I also knew if I followed this inspiration that I was
 receiving, the morning wouldn't be so bad after all.
What did I have to lose?  I listened, and then I obeyed.
I was to drop Gigs off to school first (instead of Lottie as usual),
then when I got to Lottie's school I was going to park the car
 (instead of dropping her off in the carpool lane),
and walk her all the way into her classroom.
With each step her "sore leg" disappeared, her little spirit seemed happier,
and any trace of tears dissipated.
I could tell that she was surprised and thrilled I was walking her to class.
She was so excited to show me her morning routine of
dropping her homework folder off in the pile,
hanging up her backpack, and begin her morning writing work.
Before I left the room I told her teacher that she probably
 would need to take it easy- especially at recess since
she had a bum leg, and to call me if she needed anything.
 And I think that made her felt really special.

I waved goodbye and left Lottie happily working at her desk.
Then I got into the car and thanked God with tears in my eyes that
He heard and answered my simple silly prayer.
I was overwhelmed.
He DOES care even about the simplest of our concerns.
  He DOES listen even when we are out of patience and frustrated.
And He DOES still love us even when we fail miserably
because He wants us to succeed and be happy.
I've always known that, but today I was so beautifully
and gratefully reminded of it again.

* * * *
“I invite you to find one person before Christmas to bring to
 Church by being kind and by helping and inviting that person to 
learn more about Jesus Christ. That may be the best gift you
 can give to the Savior this Christmas!”
—President M. Russell Ballard, 
Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Tonight as a family we discussed who we could invite to
come with us to church.
We came up with a few people in our lives who we
love and respect, and who we think might appreciate an invitation.
Lottie came up with about 10 friends right off the bat.
I love that she has no fear.  She is best missionary of us all.
We discussed that inviting others not of our faith to church is often scary
because we are afraid of offending them.
 I think we need to look at it differently and
remember we are inviting our friends to
"come and see", and "learn more about Jesus Christ."
And really that's not scary at all, it's pretty amazing.

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