Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Happy 19th Birthday NIELSON FAMILY

(And Happy Anniversary Mr. Nielson!).
On Monday Christian and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary,
which also means that our family celebrated our 19th birthday.
Mr. Nielson and I spent the whole day together.
after we dropped Gigs and Lottie off at school we
attended a Barre3 class together.
Bless Christian's little heart-- he is SUCH a sport to come with me
especially since he knows that he will be the only man in class.
But he is amazing and we have so many good laughs.

We had brunch and reviewed every single year we've been
married and the significant events that happened in each year.
Things like babies, houses, jobs, cars, pets,
moves, baptisms, blessings, graduations, plane crashes,
 New York Times Bestsellers, you know things like that.
Then we came home and took a nap.
It has been since forever since we've done that,
and it was amazing.
Earlier in the week Christian and I served in the temple
to remember the promises we made together and with the Lord.
It was a beautiful afternoon and HALLELUJAH the
 temple here in NC is open because it is so much
closer to us than in South Carolina.

Later we took the Little Nies shopping for Christmas presents
and we all went out to dinner.

It was a beautiful happy day.
We have BIG HUGE plans for next years 20th anniversary!
I can't wait!

* * * *
“Considering all that the Savior has done—and still does—for us, 
what can we do for Him? The greatest gift we could give
 to the Lord at Christmas, or at any other time, is to keep ourselves
 unspotted from the world, worthy to attend His holy temple. 
And His gift to us will be the peace of knowing that 
we are prepared to meet Him, whenever that time comes."

—President Russell M. Nelson
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