Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Cutting down the tree (kind of).

 Last Friday Mr. Nielson turned 41, and
his wish for the day was to take the family and drive to the Smoky Mountains.
He wanted to show the family the beautiful country, 
but mainly the objective was to cut our Christmas tree down.
So we left The White House around 8:00 am and drove half-way
to our favorite breakfast joint (Mr. Nielson's birthday breakfast).
We drove to Boone, a darling little town with rolling hills and 
probably about 10 Christmas tree farms,
and we visited about four of them.
We waited in the lines, parked the car, and even walked 
around the rows of trees looking for "the perfect one".
Something felt off.
The trees were cut too perfect, and the experience seemed too robotic,
 and unnatural. It was disappointing and crowded.
I think we are totally spoiled from a few years ago when we lived 
at the ranch and drove around the property to find our trees. 
That was ideal and replicating that experience is almost impossible.
(2017 at the ranch)
Driving around the gorgeous countryside was certainly a highlight,
but coming home empty handed would be a bummer.
We stopped by a cool pedestrian covered bridge in Winston-Salem,
took a few photos, had some dinner then headed home 
in the truck with an empty bed.

Then I remembered seeing freshly cut and good looking trees 
at our local Whole Foods.
So we made a quick stop to the grocery store, grabbed some tea
and picked out a few trees. 
How 'bout that?!
Pretty uneventful and not very romantic.
Mr. Nielson's birthday was kind of a bust.
(But I was so excited to give him this present, and he LOVES it).

I love him.
I am also very happy with our tree selections too!

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