Monday, December 09, 2019

Best of November

November has come and gone, and just like that we
are enjoying the last month of glorious 2019!
 Here are the best days of November:
* * * * *
My brother Topher is my modern day Thor:

Ollie finishes strong as QB2 on the high school JV team:

I choose to stay grounded by following God and His prophet:

Christian and I enjoy a week in the Rocky Mountains:

A week before Thanksgiving, Nicholas gets his tonsils out:


The man of my dreams turns 41:
* * * * *
Enjoy the Best of:
Christmas Family Mini-Devotional
Day 9:
“Children invite the magic of Christmas into our hearts. 
We miss something if we don’t see Christmas through a child’s eyes, 
for children see the lights, they hear the music, and they smell the 
fragrance of Christmas trees and candy canes with real anticipation. …
“… Through Christlike and childlike faith we seek
 [the Savior] and we feel His influence.”

—Rosemary M. Wixom, former Primary General President

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