Friday, October 25, 2019

Tonsils update

This morning I took Nicholas to a ear, nose and throat specialist.
Last week I'm sure he had his 600,000 sore throat,
 and it was time to take some action.
And just as we suspected:
1. his tonsils are giant
2. he snores because of those giant tonsils
3. he is unusually lethargic because of his tonsils.
4. most of his mouth sores will clear up once his tonsils are out.
Basically his tonsils are giant cesspools of bacteria.
The doctor told him he will be in pain for about a week, 
but then it's smooth sailing,
and I concur!  After my tonsils came out in 6th grade, 
I hardly ever get sore throats!
After his tonsillectomy next month he might be a completely 
different boy for all I know!
Here in The White House we are gearing up for Halloween!
 The girls are making their costumes this year and will have
 to work on high-speed this weekend to have them ready for the big day!
Lottie has had her costume since September (of last year),
and the boys are still deciding.  They want to dress up, but not 
overly dress up since they are teenagers (and boys). 
Have a happy weekend!
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