Thursday, October 24, 2019

So long Utah

Our last days in Utah were lovely as ever.
The days were chilly, sunny, and full of color.
 Utah never fails in October which is why we love visiting then!
Seeing my family and friends was wonderful, but frustrating too.
There are so may people I want to connect with, and I don't have the time
it takes to see everyone I love. Sometimes it's the worst.
I guess I can always go back-- and that is a good feeling,
except for the flying part.  I hate flying.
Here's how the rest of our Utah trip ended:

Christian and I took Claire and Jane, (and Umi too!)
 to Logan, Utah for a tour of Utah State University.
What a gorgeous campus! 
I should note that our tour guide walked backwards
 the WHOLE time, and it was very impressive.
Claire likes that freshmen don't have to live on campus, 
and Jane liked the Ag department.  
Something for everyone, I think.

We spent time at my parents house in the familiar Tree Streets
 where I grew up and the children love.
(But it is changing to much!!!....Stop!!!).
The boys hung out with old friends:
And cousins:

Both Claire and Jane went on dates.
(They wouldn't let me take photos of that...Obvs),
but here is Claire waiting patiently for her date:

We had traditional "Sundee dinner with Umi and Gramps:

We had lunch with several of the Clark girls. 
 (My niece Lindsay has the cutest baby in the world):

Lottie reunites with ADA!!!! :

They hiked together, played together, and
 ate their favorite "curly noodle soup" together.
The girls have been eating this magical soup (aka: ramen noodles)
at Ada's kitchen table since they were like three:
My heart aches thinking about their sweet friendship
 because they are the best of friends, but live so far away.
We enjoyed our last day at the Sundance Resort:
What a special place it has in my heart, 
and will forever and ever.

Then we said our goodbyes to Mr. Nielson who drove to New Mexico
 from the Salt Lake City airport to attend a cattle convention.
I hate travelling without Christian, 
but the Little Nies are so easy,
except for Lottie who had a severe ear ache and cried
most the flight.
(That was a long flight). 
We had a 3 hour layover in Nashville,
so we drank Dr. Pepper, ate chips,
 and had a mad Dutch Blitz tournament.
We finally made it home at 1:00 am.


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