Monday, October 14, 2019

Go Team!

On Friday afternoon Christian and I checked our 
three oldest Nies out of school,
and drove to Raleigh where we had a tour of the
 North Carolina State University campus.
But first we had lunch, of course!
During lunch I sat across the table from my 
beautiful teenagers and admired each one of them.  
The conversations we had varied from college plans, places to travel,
life goal aspirations and experiences, the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
stupid things their teachers say in school, future spouses, 
our excitement for the weather to change, and of course politics,
 (they are after-all Christian Nielson's offspring).  
If I had a pie-chart of our conversation at lunch that day, the politics bit
would definitely dominate the pie.
They each have strong opinions- I guess we all do, which makes
some very intriguing conversations, I love it.
   They are growing up and becoming strong and faithful young adults.
They are good leaders, and will be
strong guardians of their future homes when they become parents.
As hard as it is to watch them
grow up because I want them to be my little babies forever,
I love where I am at in my life.
And I am so thankful I still have seven year-old Lottie
who balances it all out.
The tour was interesting and inspiring especially for Claire who
 is on her way to college next year.
We've visited a few other colleges in the past,
 and have a few more tours (in other states too) to visit
 before any decisions are made.
Claire and Jane often feel like high school is prison, 
so moving on is going to be a very welcomed event.

Go team!

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