Thursday, August 29, 2019

It was a close one.

Mr. Nielson had planned on taking the Little Nies kayaking on the
 Haw river Saturday while I prepared and set up for our feast, but
sadly the weather had other plans.
It rained most of day which forced plan B; 
school shopping at the mall, movie, and lunch.
Around 5:45 the family pulled up to The White House after
 a long full day of what Mr. Nielson said was "just wasting time".
I met them in the garage and told them that they had to quickly
pass through the kitchen and dining room, and up to the stairs to their rooms
so they wouldn't see the table and surprises just yet.
And just like every year, on their beds a was another surprise:
 dresses for the girls, and ties and socks for the boys.

My last instructions to the Nies were they couldn't come
 down the stairs until 6:30.
That was really hard for Lottie who occasionally would
 peek her head over the banister ledge
while I added the last touches to our dinner.
It really did feel like Christmas eve.
Then it got a little harry.
At 6:30 I yelled for the family to come down and
Lottie practically jumped all 18 steps to the front door where
 her smile turned to a frown because she slipped in her tap shoes
on the wet front porch. Then the boys laughed at her (which made it worse),
and then Ollie complained his crown was too tight
(I'm just so glad he's not too cool to wear it).

Then we waited for Claire and Jane who were upstairs in
a little sister tiff.  I was sure Satan was attempting to hijack our night
with a few last minute complications.

I have to admit, it was a close one and that stupid little devil failed because
we had the most wonderful spiritual dinner and program. (SUCKER).
I mean, sure it took a million years to get everyone
downstairs, looking good, tears wiped,
 and and ready for a few photos before dinner.
 But it was worth it and we did it!
And someday we'll reflect on the photos and night and have a good
laugh (at the devils expense too).
And sure it took TONS of patience from me and Mr. Nielson because
there was many times I wanted to throw my hands up and give up.


lemon pie with cream
pink grapefruit & lemonade bublie

Back to School Feast 2018

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