Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Feast Details

The Back to School Feast was our best yet (I say that every year).
Mr. Nielson took the kids ALL DAY on Saturday 
(movie, lunch, school shopping at the mall, etc...) 
while I went to the grocery shopping for the feast,
set up the table, and prepared our dinner.  
It takes me all day because I try and make it as special as 
I possibly can, plus a day of creative quiet is super fun. 
 It's all around a great tradition.

I used green and gold for our theme colors this year, and
ordered a beautiful green ombre table cloth to cover the table.
I dyed my own napkins green ombre to match the tablecloth which
as it turns out was pretty cool to make, and looked extra fancy.

As usual, each Little Nie got a giant scribble pad, and little notepad 
with our new family theme printed on it.
Of course we had gorgeous stained glass stars by Piggy & Dirt.
Each of the kids personal stars was a different color of green glass,
 and the family theme star was made up of each kids green glass, it was perfect!
A few weeks ago in the garage Mr. Nielson and the boys made a wooden
 giant box and painted it black for my 48 tiny succulents to rest in.  
I luuuuuvvvvv it.

Setting the table is almost as fun as the actual feast.

I also had all of our family themes! (13 of them) made into a
fun memory game so Lottie (and all the kids) can memorize
past themes. It's been a fun thing around our house.

(More details tomorrow).

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