Friday, August 16, 2019

11th Re-birthday!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of our airplane crash.
As I reflect on this day, so many feelings come soaring into my head.
I remember the actual accident like it was yesterday.  
I think about the people who were quick to rush to our aid;
 the first responders, the hospital staff:
 doctors, nurses, therapists.  
(Brother Andrew, and sister Courtney)

Of course our amazing families, friends, church community, 
and so many strangers.
But especially to God who blessed us with a miracle.
I can't even begin to type my gratitude.
This day will never be the same for our family, but today will 
never ever be the same for the Kinneard family
 who lost their father, husband, friend, son, brother, 
uncle, and flight instructor Doug in the accident with us.

We will gather the Little Nies around at breakfast and 
 discuss and commemorate out families "re-birthday".
It's nice to remember and reflect on what our whole family 
has accomplished, and the miracles we've witnessed since August 16, 2008.
Then it will be a normal day for our family;
football practice, ministering work, meetings, office work, 
exercising and moving my body, making choices, 
and this evening, Oliver's football game.
If you would have asked me 11 years ago today what 
I would want more than anything RIGHT THEN,
I am pretty sure that I would have described exactly that. 
I'd want just to be me; a mother shuffling kids around,
making meals, breaking up sibling quarrels, sweeping the floor,
taking the dog for a walk, and of course cleaning up messes.
After I awoke from my nearly 4 month coma, and months 
of hospital stays, all I could think about was how I was going to get out of my
hospital bed, and back to my normal life. 
And here I am, back to my normal life.
There is something so comforting and steady about a boring normal life,
and I am sure I will never look at life the same way again.
God is so good!
Happy 11th re-birthday Nielson family!

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