Monday, August 19, 2019

11 Years Later

On Thursday, Mr. Nielson took me to a hotel in Chapel Hill to celebrate the
 11th anniversary of our airplane accident.
We shared dinner at one of the best Italian restaurants in the whole 
state of North Carolina, where we indulged
and practically rolled out the doors.
(I am still thinking about the honey-infused ricotta cheese).
We reflected on the accident and talked
 about the joy and tremendous peace 
we experienced and continue to experience.
We also talked about the pain, heartache, healing,
and how God has always been in our lives and decisions.
Our faith never wavered.
We reflected on the amazing Kinneard family; particularly
Doug's wife, Roslyn, she is a rock, and their family
 will always be special in our lives.
It's been an incredible 11 years full of so much change, 
possibility, and new beginnings.
Friday morning, the Little Nies met us at breakfast near the hotel,
 where we again stuffed ourselves. (Pancakes as bigger than our heads!).

All day I received many loving texts and messages from
family, friends, and strangers of love and encouragement.
I was totally overcome and so grateful.
My best friends Lindsay and Spencer dropped off the VaNIElla cupcakes
from The Sweet Tooth Fairy to the medical staff in the
 AZ Burn Center, where we spent so much time and recovery.
This is one of those August 16th "re-birthday" traditions.
(Thank you, STF Gilbert!!)

Also, a bonus to the day: I received a box on my front doorstep
from the one and only Piggy & Dirt, who, every year
create the gorgeous glass stars for my Back to School Feasts.
The stars this year again exceeded my expectations!  
The Little Nies haven't seen them yet; I am so excited to 
present them to them at our 2019-2020 feast on Saturday.
Here are a few of my favorites star collections:

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