Friday, July 12, 2019

Very much alive.

Tonight Christian and I shared some of our story with a group of youth.  
We told stories of the healing and growth we 
experienced through the hardships we faced in connection with our accident.
We expressed our love in Christ and the many miracles we witnessed.  
And I shared this story:

As Christian was getting healthier and stronger in
 the hospital room next to mine,
 I was still lifeless in a deep medically induced coma.  
The hospital staff quickly learned that Christian 
was only motivated by one source.  Me. 
 And they used me as bait to get him to work harder in his
physical therapy sessions promising that they would wheel him
 into my room where I slept so he could be with me.
He'd spend hours in my room talking to me.
Of course I didn’t respond or remember any of our one-sided chats,
but he does.
One afternoon Christian asked the nurses if he could touch and pray with me. 
 So they helped his weak body stand up and helped him
 put his bandaged hands on my body.  
Nurses noticed that when Christian touched me, my blood pressure
  quickly lowered, my heart rate slowed way down, and 
I was visibly more relaxed and peaceful.

 Later, one of the nurses told me that because of those experiences,
 she knew I was alive inside my broken wrapped up body,
 and that my spirit knew and loved Christian’s.
 Christian came into my room every day to be with me,
 bless me, pray for me, and touch me. 
And while my body continued to heal in long silence, 
my spirit was very much alive and connecting with his.

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Immediate Goodness of God

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