Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thanks for sharing

Every weekday night I plop on my computer to type.
 I usually type about my children, and what they are doing 
so we will always remember.
I also write about my own feelings and thoughts.
I blog because I want to remember
 that one time recently when the family all went to the dentist 
together and left with ZERO cavities and one missing tooth:

Or  when Christian and I took Claire and Jane
to a Better Than Ezra concert and didn't get home until super late:

Or the amazing demogorgon pancake I made for Lottie for breakfast:

Or when Lottie innocently flipped Gigs off as
I was taking a family photo while we were out to dinner. 
 (We've since talked about that).
These are real important events in the Nielson family,
so thanks for sharing them with us!