Monday, July 01, 2019

The Best of June.

Goodbye June
Hello JULY!
I feel like June raced by so fast,
 and I can't believe we are already in July!
 I'm not complaining, I love the hot, humid month of July
because it means that we are only three months
away to October.
* * * * * *
The best days in June:
We MOVE to a new home that we affectionately call:

The Nielson girls DRIVE!

The lake with cousins:

The beach in June is the heaven on earth:

What I learned from being a young mother:

Claire and Jane (Clane) 
 (and even receive an award!):

Angus turns TWO on June 25th:

I turned 38 on June 27th.  Mr. Nielson and I 
spent a lovely day at the beach, and I
completed my goal and read The Book of Mormon again:

* * * * *
The best of January:

The best of February:

The best of March:

The best of April:

The best of May:

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