Friday, June 28, 2019

Seeketh not her own

Three times a week my girls and I have been attending a Barre class together.
We work hard together, sweat together, smell each other, 
and laugh (during class) together.
We've been focusing on our thoughts and feelings on 
positive and healthy body image.
It's hard sometimes to feel accepted
 and loved in society today. 
I certainly don't fit in and sometimes it is so painful.
I have so many other thoughts and feelings about this topic.
But today all I want to share this is beautiful counsel
and my gratitude for wonderful Church leaders who 
write knock-it-out-of-the-park words like this:
"I remember well the insecurities I felt as a teenager with a bad case of acne.
 I tried to care for my skin properly. 
My parents helped me get medical attention. 
For years I even went without eating chocolate and all the greasy
 fast foods around which teens often socialize, 
but with no obvious healing consequences.
 It was difficult for me at that time to fully appreciate this body 
that was giving me so much grief. But my good mother taught me a higher law.
 Over and over she said to me, “You must do everything you can
 to make your appearance pleasing, but the minute you walk out the door, 
forget yourself and start concentrating on others.
There it was. She was teaching me the Christlike principle of selflessness. 
Charity, or the pure love of Christ, 
  When we become other-oriented, or selfless, 
we develop an inner beauty of spirit that glows in our outward appearance.
 This is how we make ourselves in the Lord’s image rather
 than the world’s and receive His image in our countenances."
Thank you Susan W. Tanner for that beautiful
Spiritual Enlightenment!

Happy weekend!

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