Thursday, May 02, 2019

Back to Utah

After hearing about a $150.00 round-trip ticket from RDU to SLC, 
I spontaneously booked a flight and headed back to the place I was born.
It was perfect timing since my high school (Provo High)
 was inducting me, and my brother Topher into the school's hall of fame.
I couldn't miss that opportunity to be with Topher and have
those memories with him forever.
It was indeed an honor to be by his side.
He is such a sweetheart!!
I stayed with Lucy and adored being with her darling children.
I missed my own babies, but being alone was nice because
I was able to focus solely on my extended family.
I got to see most of my siblings and some nieces and nephews.
Everyone has grown up too much.
Like Ollie's best cousin Buggy:
Late at night, Lucy, Andrew, and I would stay up way too late
laughing and talking about social media woes 
and our opinions on everything- which is intense stuff.
Andrew has started a new jewelry company called Heir.
It's beautiful stuff, and I'm not just saying that because he's my BIL.
I mean it so much!!  (hint hint: Mothers' DAY!).
My favorite part of the trip was in Lucy's living room, watching her children dance and play around.
I could do that for hours- and we did!
One morning after her kids were off to school, I sat in the nursery
while Lucy picked out clothes for her not-so-baby Sally to wear.
These are the simple ordinary moments I live for.

The girls and I will be back in a few days for PROM!
We're ready and excited to go!
I am planning on connecting with ALL my siblings then,
and am really looking forward to that.
As time goes on, I realize just how much I hate flying.
I hate it so much.  Why is it just starting to affect me? 
After the crash, I didn't mind it so much after the crash, but now I do.
Lucky for me, on the way home, I sat by a United Airlines pilot who
 let me talk his ear off about every scenario and question I could ever have about airplanes 
(geese collisions, cloud shapes, lightning strikes).
He probably wanted to go to bed since he was going to 
be flying to Buenos Aries once he landed, but he was so kind to 
really listen and talk to me.
We also talked about my accident and what true beauty is.
He was an angel from heaven,
and before I knew it, we were landing.
When we said goodbye, he hugged me, and I'll probably
never see him again.
It was an answer to prayers.  Really.

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