Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The best part of the job.

Our family began a social media fast last Sunday (I began last Tuesday),
Our family fasts a whole week from all social media.
It renews our focus on what matters most and helps
 us prepare for the messages we will be hearing 
It's so nice to leave my phone, and the social media on it behind.
It's so nice to not feel like I need to know what other people are doing,
how much more fun they are having than me, or cuter, or more successful,
or what I am missing out on, (and on and on and on).
It has given me a more deliberate and focused attitude on my children
and the things that matter most.
I am trying to connect deeper and specifically trying
 to look at them in their eyes and show more affection to them daily.

Like today Lottie and I spent hours on the couch reading books.
Her favorite book lately is the new Charlotte the Scientist book
written by our cute friend and neighbor Camille!
(We loved the first Charlotte book too).
Then Lottie read me several stories from her 1st grade book collection.
Reading to my children (and hearing them read to me)
 is one of the best parts of my job as a mother.
 My children, my husband, and my life is happening now.
I don't want to watch it with one eye on them
and one eye on my phone.
It's so so so so not worth it.

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