Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Three things to make me happy.

1. Mr. Nielson returns triumphantly home from the ranch....finally.  
This has been a really long stretch of time for him away from from home.

2. A darling young lady named Claire portrayed me in the 5th grade wax museum. 
 I was able to visit her booth and give her a big hug and kiss.  What a sweet honor!
and this sweetheart?

3. I received this adorable book "Charlotte The Scientist Is Squished
from the author Camille Andros in North Carolina. 
We have loved this book, especially Lottie!
 She loves it for a few reasons:
   a. She shares the same name is the main character.
   b. It's a book with bunnies!
   c. After reading the book, Lottie wants to experiment and explore 
and make lots of messy messes, and I don't mind.

Get a copy for your little scientist (also a great Easter basket item).
Also: check out the darling book trailer!  

Now please excuse me, I am going to go wash Mr. Nielson's
 muddy manure stained clothes and then have him rub my sore hands and legs.