Friday, March 08, 2019

We'll Ascend Together

Yesterday during my run with Angus I listened to a wonderful talk given
by Linda K. Burton.
Linda talks about the need to lift and strengthen others which will
help us become our best selves, companions, mothers, fathers,
brothers, and sisters. 
My most cherished relationship on this earth is with Christian,
and constant care and attention is important.
So this talk was so good to hear.
 “The nature of male and female spirits is such that they complete each other.”
 Please note that it does not say “compete with each other” 
but “complete each other”! We are here to help, lift, 
and rejoice with each other as we try to become our very best selves. 
How often do we intentionally “speak kind words to each other”?
We might test ourselves by asking a few questions. 
With a little adaptation, these questions can apply to most of us, 
whether we are married or single, whatever our home situation might be.

When was the last time I sincerely praised my companion, 
either alone or in the presence of our children?

When was the last time I thanked, expressed love for, or 
earnestly pleaded in faith for him or her in prayer?

When was the last time I stopped myself from saying 
something I knew could be hurtful?

When was the last time I apologized and humbly asked for
 forgiveness—without adding the words
 “but if only you had” or “but if only you hadn’t”?

When was the last time I chose to be happy
 rather than demanding to be “right”?

Now, if any of these questions lead you to squirm or feel a tinge of guilt, 
remember that Elder David A. Bednar has taught that
 “guilt is to our spirit what pain is to our body—a warning of danger
 and a protection from additional damage."
I honestly pondered these questions, made mental notes,
and prayed for guidance to change.
Then I went home and discussed this talk with Christian.
We both agreed we could- and wanted to do better.

I love being married to Christian.
I am grateful we love and respect each other.

Spiritual Enlightenment: We'll Ascend Together

ALSO: Thank you Vayle for your tender story.  
I was left in tears but with a grater sense of gratitude 
for the Savior and my children.

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