Thursday, March 07, 2019

My Little Nies

Here it is:
A complete, up-to-date summary of the LITTLE NIES.
(I know they aren't so little anymore, but they will always
be my Little Nies).

Little Nie #1
Claire Aurora:
Claire is juggling BYU-Independent Study, online classes 
 with her normal junior-year classes so she can 
graduate early from high school. 
Smart move.
 Between you and me, she doesn't belong in high school.  
She seems too old to be there, too mature and refined.  
She's in a class of her own, and sometimes
I think of her as one of my best friends. 
I can confide in her, and she is so supportive and easy to talk to.
She hates when I pack sliced oranges in her lunch because she thinks
it makes her peanut butter sandwich taste really gross.
She's Craaaaassssseee.
Claire is super busy, often exhausted, but very pleasant to be around. 
She reminds me of me at that age, but WAY wiser.
She is in love with a boy whose name I can't type,
but I think we'll call him "1989".
Besides a handful of beautiful soundtracks,
(Victoria, The Light Between Oceans, René Aubry)
 Claire is currently listening to John Mayer, Birdy, David Gray,
The Broods, Johnnyswim, and Annie Lennox.

Little Nie #2
Jane Bronwyn:
 Jane is busy too.  In fact, as I type this I am waiting in a 
parking lot as she drives around in a red car
with a giant "STUDENT DRIVER" sign on the roof.
She is gearing up for her first date/dance and has soooo many admirers
at school.  Boys are walking her home from school, texting her, and frankly
driving her nuts.  Jane, like her mother, is a creature of comfort and looks
forward to the weekends when time slows down, and responsibilities disappear.
 Also, just like her mom, she loves to open a cold
Dr. Pepper from the fridge now and then.
 She, too, is taking online school classes as well as
her normal sophomore class load.
She is a silently stubborn redhead, as cliche as that sounds,
 and needs her sleep.
Every day she sends me amazing memes that make me laugh.
She plays the violin and can read faster than a robot.
She listens to: The Killers, The Cars, The Cranberries, Tom Petty,
Tears for Fears, and INXS.

 Little Nie #3
Oliver Christian:

Oliver never has homework, has pretty good grades, and wakes
 up before all of us to watch motorcycle tutorials.
 He is easy, calm, and polite. 
 He loves his skateboard and his ol' mom.
He hugs me every day and packs at least 5 extra items in his already-made lunch.
 I guess I don't pack enough food for him- plus, he's a growing boy!  
Sometimes he hops on his dirt bike and picks up his sisters at the bus stop
after school.  I can just hear the hearts breaking all over Chapel Hill.
He definitely has the best hair in the family.
He plays church ball and is the president of his church youth class.
He's listening to Andrew Belle, Portugal, Cuco, and Boxer Rebellion,
 and just the other day, he
actually asked me if I had heard of the band "Goo Goo Dolls."

Little Nie #4
Nicholas Jones
 Nicholas is our comic relief.  His humor is dry and subtle. 
And when he's mad, he's really mad- but is pretty good
to apologize to me when he steps out of line.  
He has beautiful soft skin and a strong body.  
With his puppy-dog brown eyes and blonde hair, he 
is going to be a heart-throb.  He hates the dentist and doodles
the best stick figures doing awesome things
 on everything and anything.
He is creative and gentle and loves his cute hedgehog Fern.
Sometimes after I've said goodnight to him he'll come in my
 room 2-3 more times to tell me goodnight again.
He creates, thinks deeply, and enjoys being outside.
He and Lottie are the most social in the family.
He loves M83, Daft Punk, Capital Cities, 
and whatever Ollie is listening to.

Little Nie #5
Charlotte Christiansdatter
Lottie is a typical last child.
It's the weirdest thing because every time I go to the store
I manage to bring her home a little somthin' like 
coloring book, markers, or my personal favorite: Lip Smackers,
to add to her (my) collection.
  I think I'm just holding on to every single second I can with her because
she's my last.  Just yesterday, I bought her a St. Patrick's Day skirt and bow.
I never did that for my other children.
She wants a parakeet for her 7th birthday in April.
My favorite part of the day is when I drive her to school because she
asks me the most epic questions.  
I get the typical "why is the sky blue, and why is blood red" questions,
but also wants to know about Adam and Eve
 and their children (and theirs, and theirs, and theirs, etc.).
We've been known to talk about Old Testament prophets, 
God, stars, Heaven, and the day Jesus will come again.
It's hard to answer those types of questions in the 10 minutes we're
in the car together.
And just for the record, we called her "Lottie" before the Royal Family.
Also, she takes at least 50 amazing emoji selfies a day.  

And that's a wrap!

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